Electrify your parking, energize your customers.

Why Invest in EV Charging?

Sustainability ROI
  • When you combine the fuel-efficiency of EVs and the cost of electricity relative to that of gasoline, driving an EV is typically three or more times cheaper than driving a gasoline-powered vehicle.

  • Lifetime maintenance and repair costs for EVs are about half, compared to gasoline-powered vehicles.

  • Electric vehicles (EVs) have no tailpipe emissions and typically have a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline cars, even when accounting for the electricity used for charging.

Loyalty ROI
  • Gen Z considers employer-sponsored benefits that reward sustainable practices (like providing EV chargers) “extremely important” in their selection of where to work.

  • 4 out of 5 EV owners consider charger availability when selecting a retail destination.

  • 88% of EV owners consider charger availability when apartment/condo hunting.

Technological ROI
  • Median all-electric vehicle driving range is currently 222.1 (highway) and 248.9 (city) according to the U.S. EPA. Many models exceed 300 miles per charge.

  • 608,000 new EVs were sold in the U.S. in 2021.

  • Electrified vehicles accounted for 9.7% of all vehicle sales last year

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Small Business Owners and/or Property Owners on a residential rate who don’t need electric service upgrades, shop our online marketplace to learn about and purchase chargers for your property. For commercial customers with more comprehensive installation needs see National Grid’s EV charging program details below.

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Commercial EV Programs

Partner with National Grid to install new electric vehicle (EV) Level 2 or direct current fast charging (“DCFC”) stations or participate in a fleet electrification study. We can help you save money by defraying the cost to install the charging stations, funding up to 100% of the electrical infrastructure for approved projects, and rebates for some charging station equipment installations.

*Available incentives vary by state.

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Project Planning Information

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 Program Eligibility
  • Program eligibility and participation requirements 
  • Alignment on Costs
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 Choose a Contractor
  • On-site visit
  • Planning and design
  • Estimate costs, incentives and timeline
  • Apply for program
  • File Building Permiting
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  • Electrical upgrades (if needed)
  • Site improvements (if needed)
  • EVSE charger installation
  • Signage, safety, and accessory installation (as needed)
 Project Close-Out
  • Site inspection
  • Rebate processing
  • Maintenance contract (if needed)